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Top 10 TikTok tips and tricks: Reaching 1M followers on TikTok

Hitting 1M followers on TikTok is not as challenging as you might think.

In this article we'll take you through the top 10 methods to reach 10M followers on TikTok.

1. Find your target audience.

This is possibly the most important part of growing your account. By knowing your audience, you can provide them with videos that they want to see. Your content at the beginning of your journey might completely change compared to your content a year later. This is because TikTok can sometimes choose your audience for you. For example, if you start uploading fashion videos but they are being shown to young children, it may be worth switching to kid content in order to build a family-friendly account. Checking your followers list as well as your comment section under each video will help you understand the type of audience you have.

2. Quality equipment.

While virtually any phone that supports the app is good for scrolling through the For You Page, when it comes to producing TikTok videos for your fans, you will need something much better than just a standard phone! You need to be prepared to invest in a good, relatively modern phone as well as some additional tools, such as a ring light or LED lights. Create a realistic budget and set yourself a timeline to help you with organizing and preparing for your journey with TikTok. You’ll want to have the best equipment possible from the start!

Did you know at 15Talent we provide the full lighting suite completely free to our influencers? This includes RGB continuous lighting and professional grade ring lights! Check it out: here.

3. Consistency.

Consistency is key in pretty much all areas of life, and the same applies when it comes to TikTok. Content consistency establishes trust, encourages steady growth and creates a routine. Not only will it make it easier for you to produce content on a regular basis, but it will also make your audience stick around. Therefore, consistency is important in regard to your schedule, but also your niche, looks and the setting you choose.

4. Quality over quantity.

Many creators find that if their content takes a long time to produce, they choose to decrease its quality in order to produce more videos in a shorter amount of time. This is where they’re wrong. Creating a high standard video matters much more than creating multiple low quality, rushed videos, especially when you’re trying to grow your account! Not only will you satisfy your fans with amazing content, but you will also feel more accomplished with yourself by putting in the extra time and effort to create it. One quality upload per day is enough.

5. Timing is key.

If you have a global audience, it can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out what the best time to upload videos is. Realistically, users are more likely to be using social media platforms during afternoons and evenings rather than mornings; using that knowledge you can begin by posting videos between 1PM to 2PM. This would allow for the video to gradually gain views throughout the day. If you post a video at a poor time, it can offer little reward. Luckily, TikTok has a great tool within the analytics to show the times of highest activity of your fans. This is available within a week of uploading videos on TikTok. This will then allow you to schedule your uploads based on your followers’ activity. In order to generate consistent views, it is crucial that you keep to strictly uploading at the same time every day.

6. Video duration matters

At the very beginning, TikTok offered only 15 and 60 second options for videos. However, now creators can produce a video that’s up to 3 minutes long. But the question is, should they? The fact of the matter is that TikTok gained traction and took off as well as it did because of its short videos. In today’s fast paced world with plenty of us constantly on-the-go, shorter videos are naturally much easier to consume. People are choosing to scroll through TikTok on their lunch breaks rather than reading newspapers or watching long videos on platforms such as YouTube. As we lead busy lives, our attention spans are constantly reducing. This is why short-form content is so effective. Therefore, you should be aiming to create videos that are up to 30 seconds long.

7. Sound utilization

TikTok gives you access to its music library that comes with a vast majority of different songs and sounds suited to every creator. Using music either as dedicated or simply background audio can greatly benefit the discovery of your post as it technically counts as a collaboration. TikTok favours such posts and in turn pushes them to the For You Page. Therefore, picking the right sound is crucial to making your videos enjoyable so users don't scroll past. Plenty of creators choose trending songs, however, these can quickly get boring. Using unique sounds such as remixes of different songs can make your videos really stand out. Understanding your niche and which genres match your content style is extremely beneficial with picking the best background music for your videos.

8. Captions and hashtags

Hashtags play a relatively key role on TikTok. Adding relevant hashtags provides the information about what your video is about, this way your video can be presented to relevant audiences. It also allows you to rank for those specific keywords, which in turn makes it easier for users to find your content if they search for these specific hashtags! Naturally, the most popular and trending hashtags will be getting the most attention, but that also means you’re going to have the most competition. So it might be an idea to consider using the less popular hashtags.

When it comes to titles, it is important to keep them engaging yet short. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers with plenty of unnecessary text, we want their eyes focused on your video! Create a title that will encourage them to watch your video right until the end in order to increase your watch time (the more people watch your video in its entirety, the more likely it is to go viral!).

9. Edit within TikTok

The system always prioritizes content that has been recorded and edited in-app rather than uploaded directly from your phone. This is because videos recorded within the app are automatically trusted by TikTok. Whereas videos uploaded from your phone could be stolen, inappropriate or using copyrighted content of others. Luckily, TikTok offers many great editing tools, so recording and editing within the app makes it easy for all of its users. Incorporating background music, editing effects, multiple video cuts, overlaid text, and voice-overs within your video all contribute to the complexity of your post.

10. The almighty algorithm

We hear the word "algorithm" being loosely thrown around on TikTok quite a lot. Video deleted? Blame the algorithm. Video not doing well? The algorithm's fault, while in some cases it can work against your plan on TikTok domination it can also work entirely in your favour. Understanding the way the algorithm works is part of the fun on making your way up the mountain that is fame. Here are the top 3 things to pay attention to when it comes to bending the system in your favour:

1) Data is your friend. Analyse your watch time, viewer retention, likes, favourites and views. Chart your data across your latest videos and note down the differences in those videos that were more successful. Use that same data to create more videos with a success formula in mind.

2) Do not upload too many low performing videos in a row, this is easier said than done but doing so could de-rank your account and push it so far down that it would be extremely difficult to recover even if you have achieved over 1M followers.

3) Avoid breaking the TikTok TOS, doing this too many times could de-rank your account, if your video gets take down and the appeal does not go through we suggest taking a brief cooling off period.


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