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Position: Actor / Actress

Salary: £21,000 - £25,000 pa + generous commissions per campaign.

Brief job explanation: You will be responsible for recording, editing and creating high-quality TikTok videos as well as livestreaming. Please note you must have acting experience and/or qualifications in relation to acting. This job is an excellent opportunity to break out in to the AAA grade acting world by way of working with notable brands such as Disney, Universal studios, ITV and more. 

What the job entails:

  • Creating TikTok videos.

  • Editing TikTok videos.

  • Livestreaming.

  • Portraying and embodying a character.

  • Memorising scripts

Preferable skills/qualities:

  • Good spoken English.

  • Strong knowledge of social media.

  • Influencer experience.

  • Video editing skills (in app)

  • Confident in front of a camera.

  • Ability to interpret different roles.

  • Ability to memorise scripts.

  • Ability to engage with the audience.

  • Flexible and open to change.


  • City centre office location with a plethora of amenities nearby.

  • Unlimited Nespresso coffee, healthy snacks and drinks.

  • Huge growing potential.

  • Regular exciting team events.

  • World travel opportunities.

  • Unique learning opportunity.

  • Competitive pay.


Trusted by over 500 brands 

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