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Campaign name: ToyCampaignV1
Publisher: GabiFaye
Platform(s): TikTok
Posts: 1
Date published: 08/08/23
Target: 1,000,000 views
Target reached: 17/08/23
Live link:
Not available in sample

Key metrics

Metrics snapshot dated: 29/08/2023

Reach: 1,100,000
Likes: 44,000
Comments: 126
Shares: 660
Favourites: 5,910


Watch time: 17.1s out of 30.33s
Play time: 5318 hours.
From FYP: 77.4%
Followers: 15.4%
External ads: 0%


Production time: 8.5 hours.
Platform(s): TikTok
Publisher: GabiFaye
Produced in: United Kingdom


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