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Going viral on TikTok: Top 3 ways to get 1M+ views on TikTok

Getting 1M+ views on TikTok is not as challenging as you might think.

In this article we'll take you through the top 3 methods to reaching 1 million views on your TikTok.


1. Find your own unique unsaturated niche.

With the TikTok space becoming ever saturated and more competitive by the day, finding a specific niche may no longer be enough. You will need to dig a little deeper and find a sub-niche within a particular niche that is less saturated with competition. As an example, the cooking niche has become a very large part of TikTok with this establishing a lot of successful creators, this means that cooking a simple meal and reaching 1M+ views may not be as simple any longer.

With that in mind, it is still possible granted you produce a highly polished and engaging piece of cooking content. The best way to go about this in the beginning, however, is to find a much more targeted niche within the cooking niche such as creating unique and bizarre creations that viewers won't be able to help but glue their eyes to.

Food niche - X

Food niche - American food - Twist on American foods (Rainbow grilled cheese)

2. The first 3 seconds are everything.

As you swipe through TikTok, how often do you actually stop to watch a video, let alone watch an entire video through? You would be surprised to know that there is a selective connoisseur inside every one of us and we are every increasingly demanding more engaging and entertaining content which leaves very little room for content that does not fall in to that bracket.

TikTok's algorithm is designed to take a number of calculations in to account which we cover across all of our articles here and one of them is watch time. You must engage the viewer in the first 3 seconds or suffer a decreased overall watch time which dictates how many views your video will receive overall. This is because the higher your watch time the more TikTok pushes your content to the masses on the famed FYP (For You Page).

You can check for your watch time 24 hours after your video has been posted within the analytics section of your post. Use the following formula to ensure that your watch time is reaching the needed minimum of 66% to achieve 1M+ views on TikTok:

Total video time ÷ 100 x 66 = Result.

If your result is the same or lower than the watch time that is displayed in your analytics, then you are doing good!

3. Consistency delivers millions of views.

There are a small handful of ways to get 1 million views or more on TikTok and the option the majority try to achieve is the spontaneous viral video option. We are here to tell you this is not the right way to go about it and in fact could actually negatively affect your account!

The best way to not only achieve that 1M+ view mark on a post but to consistently keep receiving the 1M+ view treatment is to do something we at 15Talent call "Riding the wave". Using the information you have learned from point 1 and 2 of this article you should be able to achieve a significant increase in views on your account. Assuming you reach 50,000 views on post 1 you are very likely to double the views on your next post and the same on the post thereafter all the way to 1M+ views. This is assuming that you consistently upload content that satisfies the algorithm. Once you are riding the wave at 1M+ views, you will stay on this wave until you produce content that throws your wave off.

Fun fact: This is an example of how Bella Poarch got her start.


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